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What do they call pharmacies in England? Canadian pharmaceuticals online, zymar eye drops are available at most pharmacies. The flavors and portion sizes are the same so you will feel as satisfied with the new meal as you did with the old one. Despite its use of the same chipset as the Skyrocket, it performed significantly worse in our benchmark tests and pulled up the rear in terms of battery life. Despite its dual-core foundation, the device offers sub-par performance, its star feature -- the physical keyboard -- is overly mushy, and its battery is bound to check out on you sooner rather than later. While we generally prefer larger displays and LTE connectivity, it's hard to dismiss the mass appeal of the iPhone 4S, which is redeemed by its fluid performance, pixel dense IPS Retina Display and fantastic camera. Our only noteworthy gripe with the Droid 4 is its relatively lackluster display. Motorola has won us over with the Droid RAZR Maxx by offering blistering LTE performance inside a svelte handset that simply refuses to give up the ghost. In this sense, the Droid RAZR Maxx is appropriate for anyone that can afford it, and its massive 3,300mAh cell is a clear enough advantage to unseat Verizon's previous king, the LTE-equipped Galaxy Nexus ($300). Granted, the Radar can't match the spec sheet prowess of the LG 2X -- our pick if you insist on an Android phone -- but we find its $300 price tag (before $100 mail-in rebate) an absolute crime. The Connect 4G easily bests its similarly priced sibling, the Esteem ($349, before $30 mail-in rebate), and absolutely buries our previous pick, the Admire ($80, before $30 mail-in rebate). If you want to save some cash, we recommend the Wildfire S, which has now dropped in price to a very palatable $119 (before $30 mail-in rebate). Outside of its finicky camera, the Lumia 710 can go toe-to-toe with considerably pricier handsets, thanks to a foundation that's nearly identical to the Lumia 800. The Lumia 710 is set to receive hotspot capabilities in a future update, but if you want this feature today -- or simply insist on Android -- then the Exhibit II 4G ($70, before $50 mail-in rebate) is another great value proposition. While we appreciate its responsive performance -- thanks in large part to the near-stock implementation of Android -- we have serious misgivings about its subpar, low-res HVGA display. In practice, it offers quick performance, dependable battery life, a beautiful display and a solid camera. Of the two handsets on the market that we're willing to recommend, one of them just so happens to be on Verizon -- it's the Droid 4. The phone hits many high marks, thanks to its speedy performance, LTE connectivity and impressive battery life. Two snacks are allowed, one of sunflower seeds and another of almonds and string cheese. Dried corn husks are available packaged, but you could also save corn husks and dry them yourself. If the desire to save some cash outweighs the Marquee's advantages, you'll be safe with the Warp, although we can't recommend descending any further down the food chain. Both are reasonable performers, however, thanks in large part to the near stock implementation of Gingerbread (save for Sprint ID). Want a QWERTY handset on Sprint? Don't bother. While the Epic 4G was once a fine option in its heyday, it's now a miserably outdated handset with a price that's nothing short of an insult. For those of you able to act quickly, Verizon is also selling the Rezound for a mere $50, now through April 9th -- quite a steal by any measure. If you're able to act before March 31st, Verizon is offering a limited-time, online promotion that'll fetch you a Droid Charge for free. Otherwise, the only sane option is to wait for Sprint to get its act together. It's also worth a brief mention that Sprint is the only carrier that offers unlimited data for the iPhone 4S ($200 - $400), which could be a boon to some. Good news for the Cricket folks: the pre-paid carrier finally has a phone that we genuinely like, and better yet, its price really can't be beat.